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The Final Countdown

Its your wedding week! Here are the final to-do items to consider as your day approaches.


Clean that Ring! 

You will want your engagement ring to shine on your wedding day. Be sure to bring this to get cleaned as close to your wedding day as possible.

Party bus 2.jpg

Finalize Transportation

Be sure you have the details for your driver and have shared them with Oh Hello if needed. Don't forget water to take on the bus to keep hydrated during photos! 

Stack of Envelopes

Set Aside Tips

If you plan to tip any vendors, set these aside in labeled envelopes. Oh Hello is happy to hand these out on your wedding day if you would like.

Joe Getting Ready.jpg

Pick up Rentals

If suits were rented, be sure you pick these up. Now is also a good time to pull your dress out and allow it to breathe. Check to see if anything needs steamed as well.


Pack for your Honeymoon

If you are headed on your honeymoon immediately following the wedding, now is the time to get packed up! 


Enjoy this Time!

RELAX! Take some time to yourself and some time together. If you start to feel stressed, give us a call.

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