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6 - 8 Months Until Wedding Day

You've hit the halfway mark.

Now for some fun aspects of wedding planning: booking your ceremony musicians, ordering—or telling your wedding party to order—wedding party attire, and starting Thinking about that honeymoon, if you're aiming to jet off right after your wedding. 

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Buy Your Gown

Chances are that you completed this one early out of excitement. If not, get on it! Gowns take some time to come in to the shop, so be sure to tackle this one as soon as possible. 


Cake or Dessert

Look at local bakeries and get ready to taste the cake! Alternative desserts are very popular, so consider donuts, cupcakes or mini pies. Consider still having a small cake if you plan to do the traditional "cutting of the cake."


Ceremony Musician

Determine if you would like live music for your ceremony or a recording to be played. This is a great time to choose your songs for walking in and out of the ceremony. 


Determine Menu

If you have not yet, select your menu. Be sure you choose starters and main courses you like, and consider any known allergies or food restrictions that you are aware of.

Vip Ride


If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, or you need transport to the best photo spots you will want to consider transportation. The size needed depends on the number in your bridal party.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dress

Time to order those bridesmaid's dresses. It is popular to allow varying styles, but this is totally up to you! Think of what color best compliments your scheme and what style fits the season. 

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