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4-5 Months Until Wedding Day

The bulk of the hard work has been done. Now it is time to start focusing on the smaller details. If you are behind, now is the time to catch up! 

Couple on the Beach

Plan Honeymoon

Start finalizing honeymoon plans. Remember your honeymoon can be anytime, no need to leave the day after your nuptials. Determine the type of honeymoon you are looking for and go from there. Need suggestions? Ask us! 

invitation 3 .jpg

Write Invitations

Time to order those invitations. Be sure you have an up to date spreadsheet to work off of for numbers. If using a popular website, be sure you have a promo code! 


Secure Rentals

If you are in need of tables, chairs, linens, etc. you will want to secure these and put down your deposit. 


Formal Wear

Order tuxedos, suits, flannel shirts, whatever you would like your groom and groomsmen to be in at the alter. Look for places that offer a deal on the groom when you have a certain number in your bridal party.


Buy Rings

Choose and order your rings. You will want to be sure to have all of your rings cleaned the week before the wedding so they sparkle. 

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Order Favors

If you plan to have favors, you will want to decide what you would like to give. If this involves any DIY, you may want to go ahead and order supplies.

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