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2 Months Until Wedding Day

Now you are in crunch mode. If you haven't yet, be sure you have your review meeting with OH Hello so we can go over all the small details. This really should be the fun part of planning where you are doing final fittings, picking out wedding favors and buying gifts for attendants. You can also begin the marriage license process now. 


Discuss Vows

Are you writing your own vows or reciting traditional ones? If you are writing your own, start jotting down ideas and themes. You will want to find someone to read both sets of vows to be sure they are about the same length and in a similar tone. 


Final Gown Fitting

Be sure your alterations are complete by about 1 month before your wedding day. Store your gown in a cool dry place and hang so it does not wrinkle. 


Order Favors

Your wedding favor can be anything from a caricature drawing to a take home treat to a home grown basil plant. Choose something that shows your personalities or forgo favors altogether, it is up to you.


Purchase Gifts

If you are planning to distribute gifts to your wedding party, ushers, parents, etc. now is the time to purchase and/or assemble these. 

Shopping Bags

Welcome Baskets

If you are planning to have welcome bags or baskets for out of town guests you will want to order and assemble these. If you are looking for more ideas, check out our blog post on fun things to include or ask us for a quote on making these for you. 

Dinner Party

Plan Pre-Parties

If you are having a wedding shower and/or bachelor/bachelorette party, now is the time to be sure someone is handling this planning. 

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