Post-Engagement - 12 Months Until Wedding Day

First, think "big picture."

Start by envisioning your wedding and determining your style. Next, draw up a budget. Assemble your "planning team"—this may include hiring a wedding planner. Once you pick your ideal wedding date and time (and select several options, just in case), check with your favorite venues, officiant and important guests (like family members) before finalizing. Once you have some venue options and your date down, you can start planning the guest list. Start officially booking your ceremony site and reception site. Next, choose your wedding party—ask friends and relatives to be part of your day.  This is totally optional, but now's the time to have an engagement party. We recommend registering beforehand for gifts.


Have an idea of when you want to get married, if you are open to options, you can let your venues steer this decision.

Choose A Date


Choose a reception location, it can be the same as your ceremony or a location nearby. Be sure to leave time between for pictures and transportation.

Reception Venue

Gift Wrapped

People want to shower you with gifts! Start your registry now with smaller items so people have options for your Engagement Party, Showers, etc. 

Start Your Registry


Go ahead and check this one off! You have us and we will not let you down. 

Hire a Planner


You can go with no wedding party or have 10 on each side. Just remember more bridesmaids does mean more bouquets and a larger limo. Be sure you choose attendants you see still being by your side in 10 years. 

Pick Wedding Party


Sit down and start a spreadsheet of what you want to budget for your wedding. Talk about what is important to you. The Knot has great budgeting tools to help you get an idea of what things cost. We can always help too! 

Determine Budget


Determine your Ceremony Venue. Depending on the time of year you will want to consider if you would like this to be inside or outside. This ceremony should fit your overall theme.

Ceremony Venue

ble setting.jpg

Choose a color scheme and an overall theme for your day. Do you like rustic, romantic, modern? Typically your theme and color scheme will want to mesh. 



It's time for the hard part, start with the "A List" then move on to those you would like to be there if they fit in the budget. Start gathering addresses and correct spellings of everyone's full name.

Draft Guest List

Woman Typing

The Knot and Zola are both popular and easy to use. Be sure to add pictures, details and links to your registry! 

Create a Web Page

Ring Exchange.JPG

Once you have a location and a date you should begin to find an officiant. If you are getting married in a church, this should be easy. You will want to first determine if you would like your ceremony to be religious or not. 

Book Your Officiant

Creative Work

Now is the time to get on Pinterest and fill your brain with ideas. Pin away and share it with those helping you plan. Be sure to delete and organize as you narrow in on your vision.

Start Pinning


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