Planning 101 - Dessert

Before you begin, you need to know the following: 

1. Wedding Colors

2. Estimated Guest Count

Planning 101 - Dessert
Do you want a small cake for cutting?
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Things to Start Thinking About 


Do you want to have a cake cutting? Would you prefer to have this before dinner or after?


Do you want to save the top tier of your cake to freeze? Some bakeries offer you the option to have the top tier recreated on your anniversary.


Do you have guests with allergies that would require an alternate dessert? Do you want to accommodate?


Do you want to have a sweets or candy table for your guests, cake placed to grab or served to each seat?


What do you want to adorn your cake? Fresh flowers, a beautiful topper, sugar flowers, and painted cakes are all popular options. 


If you would like a Groom's Cake, start thinking of themes. How many people do you want to be fed with this cake? What is your budget?

Top Cake-Planning Tips

1. Find out if having multiple flavors will cost more, it typically does and your guests rarely get to make an informed choice.

2. Save money by ordering a small beautiful cake for cutting and then a sheet cake in the same flavor to be kept in the kitchen and served to all your guests.

3. When choosing a cake topper, think about your theme of your wedding and also hobbies you share, words that speak to you, etc. Make it creative.

4. If you want to add fresh flowers, ask the florist which flowers are best suited for this and be sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides.

5. Be sure the frosting you choose can withstand the temperature at your venue. If your reception is in a bard with no climate control, you may want to avoid the buttercream.

6. Be sure to work our delivery details. OH Hello is happy to pick up sheet cakes and most desserts for a small fee, but your three tier cake will need to come from the bakery and may require time to assemble.

7. Choose a table and linens that will really show off your cake, maybe even a spot light. 

8. Consider whether you want to save your top tier or simply re-order a replica from your baker instead.