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Wedding Coordinators + Venue Coordinators: What's the Difference?

We often have couples tell us that they do not need a wedding coordinator because the venue is already providing a coordinator. While a venue coordinator is an absolute necessity, these services are not the same, and we dive more into this below. It is important to remember all venues are different, so have an open conversation with your venue representative about what they do and do not provide and remember not to assume the venue coordinator is handling any items.

Venue Coordinator Role (General)

  • Keeping the venue staff on task

  • Setting up or managing the set up of tables and chairs

  • Assisting with catering (if in-house caterer)

  • Ensuring bathrooms are clean and restocked

  • Ensuring trash is pulled and taken to the dumpster

  • May reach out to vendors who are making deliveries to confirm timing

  • Depending on the venue, may leave after formalities

Wedding Coordinator Role (General)

  • Complete construction of wedding day timeline

  • Communication with vendors in advance to confirm timeline, meal choice and details

  • Review of vendor contracts for details pertaining to the wedding day

  • Ensuring all vendors arrive at the time agreed in advance and stick to the timeline

  • Keeping guests and wedding party aware of what is coming next

  • Confirms all vendors and VIP guests are prepared for each event and in the room

  • Stays to the end of the evening to confirm all items brought with you are packed up and loaded in a vehicle if needed

  • Transportation coordination + point of contact for transportation driver

  • On-site OR Off-site ceremony coordination

  • Provides emergency kit for wedding day with supplies you and your wedding party may need

Photo by Tiffany Joy Photography

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