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Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners can take the stress off of the couple during the planning process, making for a more enjoyable engagement. A variety of planning packages are available allowing you to have a planner involved as little or as much as you would like. Below we laid out the top 8 reasons we believe every Bride or Groom should hire a Wedding Planner.


1. We keep you on Budget

Your venue budget is $2,500 and you think you snagged a great deal when you book a hall for $2,000. Have you considered everything that is included in this price? A good planner will no all the right questions to ask.

These small details can cause you to completely blow your budget after thinking you are doing a great job staying on track. Planners make sure you are accounting for all aspects of the items in your budget breakdown. So if alterations are needed, we can remind you that you can't spend $950 on the dress itself if your budget is $1,000. 

2. We have Vendor Connections & Special Pricing

Even better than keeping you on budget, we can help you come in under budget. As planners, we have developed relationships with the vendors we find to be desirable and professional. Since we form partnerships, vendors often offer discounts and special deals to brides that are working with us. This allows for free upgrades on packages and special discounts that you would not receive if you were booking with them directly. These discounts alone can often add up to the price of your planner's services. 

Be sure you read the fine print in your contract, some planners will mark-up vendors they work with instead of giving you a discount. At OH Hello, we pass the vendor discounts on to you.

3. We are your best wedding friend.

Does your family not seem excited about the DIY centerpiece you just finished? Are your friends no longer interested in seeing pictures of your ideas for a color scheme? Are you dying to show someone your dress, but don't want to spoil the surprise for your guests? 

Your planner is as excited as you to see how your wedding is coming together. We are here to tell you how beautiful you are, we are never sick of hearing about your vision and will always offer honest critique of anything you ask for an opinion on. Having someone on your side is so important in the planning process. 

4. We Provide a Second (Experienced) Set of Eyes on Contracts and Thoroughly Vet Vendors

Planners know what questions to ask. We work with Vendors who keep us up-to-date on the latest technology and give us an inside look at their profession. Just recently we met with a photographer who taught us about the importance of dual memory cards and wide-angle lenses. This type of information shields us from working with low quality vendors and non-professionals.

We also read contracts on a regular basis and know when to ask for clarification or amendments on fine print. It is nice to have another set of eyes when reading any contract, but having a planner who has seen what should be included in a contract for a specific profession can help you determine if you are getting a fair price for what is included and will guarantee you don't end up with any pricey surprises.

5. Event Management allows Guests to Enjoy the Day

Even if you cannot work full or partial planning into your budget, having a Coordinator work your wedding day can make your wedding far less stressful. You need someone at your wedding who is dedicated to getting your vendors setup, fed, paid, etc. and we can make sure your timeline is followed, chairs are moved from ceremony to rehearsal and so much more. Event Management allows you and your guests to just focus on the fun part. 

Even if your venue has an on-site coordinator, they are only responsible for the details related to the venue they are working for. An coordinator hired by you is going to take care of the whole picture and can work alongside the onsite-coordinator to be sure everything runs according to plan.

6. End of Night Cleanup and Packing

At the end of the night, it’s easy to forget things like gifts and cake toppers. The wedding planner will make sure all of your personal items are accounted for so you have them to cherish once your wedding is complete. Planners can also help with clean up if this is not provided by your venue. In the era of barn weddings, it is important to know someone will be there to pack up the centerpieces, return the linens and get the trash to the bin.

7. We are the Mediator you Never Knew you Needed

Having a disagreement with your partner or your mother-in-law about what linens to use or which accent metal goes with your color scheme? Sometimes it helps to have an intermediary who can suggest what works best in the room or with the theme. Hearing an outside perspective can help all parties agree on the details.

8. We Save the Day

A good wedding planner comes with a fully equipped tool box ready to tackle anything. Have a button that popped off? We have a sewing kit for that. Have a headache and no medicine in sight? We have Tylenol for that (and Excedrin and Ibuprofen.) There will be a slew of hiccups and unexpected events on your wedding day, there is no way around this. You need someone who will prepared to put out any small fires that may ignite so you can enjoy your day.

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