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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Many couples are unsure if hiring a wedding planner is worth the investment and we are here to tell you it absolutely is. Below are the three reasons we hear most often as to why clients are glad they took the plunge:

  1. To Help With Budgeting - Most couples come into engagement without the faintest idea of what their budget is or what a realistic budget is based on their vision. A wedding planner will sit with you and listen to your must haves, dislikes and design ideas, as well as what you are aiming for with your budget. They will then take all of this information and breakdown your budget by line item, review how realistic your budget is in comparison to your vision and help you keep track of committed money throughout the process. A planner also has a list of vendors that fit perfectly within the realm of financial possibility for you in their back pocket, saving you even more time and money.

  2. To Keep You On Track - Chances are you have a busy life. It is easy for clients to put planning on the back burner when other things come up. A planner will check in with you regularly to be sure you are hitting benchmarks and not losing out on prime vendors by letting yourself fall behind.

  3. Allowing You to Spend Time Doing What You Love - The average couple spends 500 hours planning their wedding. You should be spending your time doing the things you love and only popping in to wedding planning to choose from a shortlist of vendors or to sample cake flavor combinations. What many couples do not consider is that to research and vet photographers on your own will take hours upon hours, when you could trust a professional to present you with options that fit your style, budget and have availability and it will take us a fraction of the time to do so. For every hour you are paying a planner you are saving yourself several hours.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Contact us today to see if we are the best fit for you.

Photo by Marina Claire Photography

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