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Obtaining Your Marriage License - Cuyahoga County

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

So many of our brides ask about the process of obtaining all of the paperwork needed for their marriage in Cuyahoga County that we thought it would be best to layout the steps for you. Please note, every situation is different and parts of this process may vary slightly from couple to couple.

STEP 1: Complete Marriage Registration (Optional)

When: 30 days prior to obtaining a marriage license

Where: On your laptop or smartphone

How: Just fill out the form at this link -

Cost: $0

What to Bring: Nothing needed, application is online

Tips & Tricks: This information is only stored for 30 days. You will need to know the maiden names of both mothers and the cities each of you were born in.

STEP 2: Obtain your Marriage License

When: Within 30 days of registration and no more than 60 days prior to wedding

Where: Marriage license department at the Cuyahoga County Probate Court

How: You will need to call (216) 443-8920 and make an appointment at one of the probate court locations. When you arrive you will go through a metal detector and up to a window where they have you take an oath and sign the paperwork.

Cost: $60 + tax (this price may change)

What to Bring: Government issued ID & registration confirmation number (you may also need divorce decrees or death certificates if previously married)

Tips & Tricks: If you complete the registration and make an appointment the process only takes about 15 minutes, we used the satellite at Rocky River and we were in and out quick.

STEP 3: Get Married!

When: Within 60 days of obtaining your marriage license

Where: Anywhere within the state, if you both live out of the state you must get married in the county in which you filed for the license.

How: Either hire an officiant, book at a church or have a civil wedding at the courthouse downtown

Cost: Officiants charge anywhere from $100-$1000; Courthouse is about $20

What to Bring: Your government issued ID, marriage license packet

Tips & Tricks: The officiant will sign the top certificate for you, the middle for the state and the bottom for themselves. The packet explains it all, don’t forget to add a stamp and mail it in!

If you are planning on changing your name you can find the paperwork and information at the following link:

Once your marriage license has been submitted you can go to the probate court and get a copy of your marriage certificate, you will need this if changing name and may need for other legal reasons, these cost a few dollars per copy and you do not need to make an appointment.

Cuyahoga County Probate Court: 1 Lakeside Avenue, Room 129, Cleveland, OH 44113

Satellite Locations:


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