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I'm Engaged, Now What?

The ring is on your finger, so now what? We have been there, your family and friends instantly asking if you have a date and a venue as if you secured all of your vendors prior to the proposal.

Before you even attempt to cross the first item off of the list below, we recommend you take some time to breathe. Spend a few weeks showing off your ring and enjoy being engaged. Once you have taken time to bask in the happiness, we suggest you start your planning with the items below:

1. Insure your ring! - You should be making an appointment to have your ring appraised and inquiring with your insurance agent.

2. Pick a season, keep in mind that you want to give yourself about a year to plan in most instances. This will help you narrow down a date with your venue, unless you have a date that you absolutely have to get married on.

3. Research planners, or just send us a message here. We can help you develop a vision or theme for your wedding and organize meetings with vendors that suit your style.

4. Start a Pinterest board and an account on The Knot and begin saving ideas.

5. Nail down your budget and determine who is contributing. Check out these basic budget breakdowns to get an idea of what comprises a wedding budget.

6. Decide who you want to be at the wedding and create a guest list, then break your list in to two groups: "must haves" and "would likes." This will allow you to cut more easily if you need to reduce your guest count to stay on budget.

This is only the beginning when it comes to planning your wedding, but if you complete these items first, the rest will fall in place much easier.

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