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Great Ideas for Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a great way to greet your guests who are coming in from out of town for your wedding day. Here are a few ideas on what you can add to make them both personal and specific to our region.

Welcome Letter, Map or Timeline: It is nice to have a welcome letter or thank you note in the bag to let guests know you appreciate them traveling for you. Another fun addition is a map of your city with notes on places you love to eat, drink and have fun. Some also include a brief timeline if they are inviting all out of town guests to the rehearsal so they know when events are happening and what times shuttles are arriving at.

His and Hers Favorite: Small bags of treats like this with your favorite candies and then a sticker on each saying who picked the item. Another option is to do something like nuts and chocolate and label them salty and sweet. Your guests will love having a little snack in their room and knowing what your favorite treats are.

Do Not Disturb Signs: These are wildly popular and let the hotel staff know who is going to be sleeping in later. It is a fun, low-cost addition to your welcome bag. They typically say something like, "Please Do Not Disturb, We Were Up Late Celebrating Jane and Matt" 

Local Favorites: This is where you can really allow your hometown to shine. We suggest adding something like a popcorn ball from Campbells, a Malleys chocolate bar (CLE bars are an especially great option), a can or bottle of a local craft beer (Platform, Great Lakes, whatever you enjoy) or a bottle of Bertmans.

Small Items to Add: Don't forget to add in a few small essentials your guests will appreciate like Advil packets, Shout wipes, a small pack of Kleenex, mini hand sanitizer, chapstick, mints and bottled water.

Have great ideas for welcome bags in the Cleveland/Akron area? Let us know!

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