Wedding Trends in 2019

2019 is full of new trends when it comes to planning your wedding. We have compiled the good, the bad and the ugly here, but you can decide which are which.

Bouquets are Getting Tossed (in the trash)

Traditional flower bouquets are becoming a thing of the past. Brides are replacing bouquets with everything from hoops to lanterns to puppies.

Exits are so In

Sparkler exits will always be popular, but in 2019 brides are thinking confetti, smoke bombs, anything to add a little color to a traditional exit.

Registry Revamp

Most couples opt to move in together prior to the wedding, and with new data showing many couples living together for years prior to marriage, traditional registries are few and far between. Most couples add a few traditional items and in addition ask for money to be put towards their honeymoon, cooking classes, skydiving adventures, etc.

The End of Gender Roles

Long gone are the days of women standing by the bride and men by the groom. Many couples are inviting friends of both genders to stand by them on their wedding day. Bridesmaids wearing pantsuits is a popular trend that is sure to pick up in 2019 as well.

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