Planning 101 - Transportation

Before you begin, you need to know the following: 

1. Number of People in Bridal Party

2. Ceremony and Reception Times

Things to Start Thinking About 


Are you having your ceremony, reception and photos in separate locations? You will likely need mass transportation.


You will need to know who is riding in your transportation: bridal party? parents? photographers? family? The number of people determines what vehicle is needed and the price. 


Would you like to have water, champagne or snacks on the bus? You will want to account for this and be sure someone is responsible for bringing a cooler.


Are you having a hotel block and would like a shuttle for guests? Now is the time to think about this as well, some hotels offer this at no charge, others have a fee.


How long do you need the transportation for? Will you want prior to ceremony through reception start time, this is the most common, but every wedding is different.


Do you need any special transportation for your ceremony exit? Some people want to drive away in a sport's car or exit on a canoe, it all depends on the venue and the couple!