Venue Coordinator - OH Hello Coordinator

Brides often wonder if they need a day-of or month-of coordinator when they are provided a coordinator by their venue. We wanted to breakdown the differences between what we do and what a venue coordinator does to allow you to determine the necessity. 

Venue Coordinator
OH Hello Coordinator
  • Set up tables and chairs if provided by the venue

  • Answer questions in relation to the venue itself 

  • Oversee the arrival of vendors 

  • Oversee catering and food service

While some venues do have amazing coordinators who go above and beyond and handle many of the details in the right-hand column, it is always nice to have a second set of hands that are there for one reason only - to bring your vision to fruition. 

  • Coordinate the arrival of all vendors prior to event (Month of)

  • Review your contracts to be sure they are fulfilled (Month of)

  • Have all proposals on hand to confirm vendors fulfill contract on arrival

  • Bring lunch to the wedding party if needed

  • Assist photographer with the First Look 

  • Distribute personal flowers when delivered by florist or pick up from the florist for small fee

  • Be sure everyone is lined up and ready for ceremony 

  • Help to release wedding party down the aisle

  • Set up welcome table and place cards

  • Be sure the DJ knows when to make announcements

  • Pack up and put all decorations in the correct vehicle

  • Take all flowers to the nursing home on day following the wedding if not taken by Bride and Groom