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So you just got engaged...

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First, think "big picture."

Start by envisioning your wedding and determining your style. Next, draw up a budget. Assemble your "planning team"—this may include hiring a wedding planner. Once you pick your ideal wedding date and time (and select several options, just in case), check with your favorite venues, officiant and important guests (like family members) before finalizing. Once you have some venue options and your date down, you can start planning the guest list. Start officially booking your ceremony site and reception site. Next, choose your wedding party—ask friends and relatives to be part of your day.  This is totally optional, but now's the time to have an engagement party. We recommend registering beforehand for gifts.

Choose a Date
Find your Venue(s)*
Determine a Style + Colors*
Draft your Guest List
Start your Registry
Select an Officiant*
Determine Budget*
Pick your Wedding Party
Create a Webpage
Start Pinning on Pinterest
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